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Line 20: Line 20:
 More information on these BSDRP lab scripts available on [[documentation:examples:How to build a BSDRP router lab]]. More information on these BSDRP lab scripts available on [[documentation:examples:How to build a BSDRP router lab]].
-Start the lab with 5 routers, here is an example with VirtualBox: 
-<code>./ -i BSDRP-1.91-full-amd64-serial.img.xz -n 7</code> 
 ===== Routers configuration ===== ===== Routers configuration =====
Line 29: Line 27:
 <code> <code>
 labconfig frr_vm[VM-NUMBER] labconfig frr_vm[VM-NUMBER]
 +Or just using one router, you can use the jail/vnet version with command:
 +labconfig frr_jails
 </code> </code>
 ==== Router 1 ==== ==== Router 1 ====
Line 349: Line 352:
 ip route ip route
 ipv6 route 2001:db8:70::/64 2001:db8:67::7 ipv6 route 2001:db8:70::/64 2001:db8:67::7
-interface em4 
- ip address 
- ipv6 address 2001:db8:56::6/64 
-interface em5 
- ip address 
- ipv6 address 2001:db8:67::6/64 
 ! !
 interface vtnet4 interface vtnet4
Line 367: Line 362:
 ! !
 router babel router babel
- network em4 
  network vtnet4  network vtnet4
  redistribute ipv4 connected  redistribute ipv4 connected
Line 392: Line 386:
 ip route ip route
 ipv6 route ::/0 2001:db8:67::6 ipv6 route ::/0 2001:db8:67::6
-interface em5 
- ip address 
- ipv6 address 2001:db8:57::7/64 
 ! !
 interface lo1 interface lo1
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