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 +====== Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ======
 +{{description>​Frequently Asked Questions}}
 +===== What's the difference between BSDRP and OPNsense or pfSense ? =====
 +  - The main goal of BSDRP is not firewalling but routing. If you are looking for a firewall, or for sharing your Internet access, don't use BSDRP but use [[http://​​|pfSense]],​ [[https://​​|OPNsense]],​ [[http://​​|SmallWall]] or [[http://​​|t1n1wall]],​ instead.
 +  - BSDRP doesn'​t have a Web GUI: It's to be configured from a CLI only (like Cisco/​Juniper),​ or by an API (like netconf) [planned feature] ​
 +  - BSDRP is not intended for home use but for company use (small ISP as example).
 +===== What's about the routing performance ? =====
 +It depends of your hardware:
 +{{documentation:​examples:​bench.forwarding.and.firewalling.rate.on.multiple.servers.png|Forwarding and firewalling packet rate on multiple servers with FreeBSD (10-stable)}}
 +  * 4 cores Atom with with multi-queue aware NIC is the minimum for a line-rate gigabit router (1.48Mpps of smallest packet size).
 +  * 8 core Xeon is the minimum for a 10Gigabit Full-Duplex (10Gbps receiving + 10Gbps transmitting = 20Gbps) with IMIX packet size distribution
 +  * 12 core Xeon is needed for a 10Gb line-rate router (14.8Mpps) ​
 +===== What's about IPSec performance ? =====
 +It depends of your hardware and crypto algorithms used:
 +{{documentation:​bench.ipsec.png|IPSec performance on multiple servers with FreeBSD 11.0}}
 +===== What's about OpenVPN performance ? =====
 +It depends of your hardware and crypto algorithms used, but a userland software it will be almost half lower than IPSec:
 +{{documentation:​bench.openvpn.png|OpenVPN performance on multiple servers with FreeBSD 11.0}}
 +===== Can I install BSDRP on a MIPS or ARM device (RouterStation,​ D-Link, etc..) ? =====
 +BSDRP targets x86 architectures only.
 +[[http://​​|]] targets ARM and MIPS architectures.
 +The technical issues regarding the support of ARM/MIPS architectures with BSDRP are:
 +  - Be able to modify the bootloader (for changing the boot-partition) from the FreeBSD user space: Permit to switch the active partition after an upgrade
 +  - Having a bootloader that support a minimum boot-partition selection screen: Permit to revert-back to the previous version if the new installed version has major problem.
 +===== Can you add squid/​apache/​BitTorrent server/​subversion/​MySQL/​etc. to BSDRP ? =====
 +All features not related to routing will not be added into the base of BSDRP ([[Documentation:​End-users docs#​system|but installing or removing FreeBSD packages is still possible]]).
 +===== Where is the forum ? =====
 +No forum planned..
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