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FreeBSD networking performance lab

Instructions for using some FreeBSD networking performance lab




Servers CPU cores GHz Network card (driver name)
Dell PowerEdge R630 Intel E5-2650 v4 2x12x2 2.2 10G Intel 82599ES (ixgbe)
10G Chelsio T520-CR (cxgbe)
10-50G Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX (mlx5en)
HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Intel E5-2650 v2 8×2 2.6 10G Chelsio T540-CR (cxgbe)
10G Emulex OneConnect be3 (oce)
SuperMicro 5018A-FTN4 Intel Atom C2758 8 2.4 10G Chelsio T540-CR (cxgbe)
Gigabit Intel i354 (igb)
SuperMicro 5018A-FTN4 Intel Atom C2758 8 2.4 10G Intel 82599 (ixgbe)
Gigabit Intel i354 (igb)
Netgate RCC-VE 4860 Intel Atom C2558 4 2.4 Gigabit Intel i350 (igb)
Gigabit Intel i211 (igb)
PC Engines APU2 AMD GX-412TC 4 1 Gigabit Intel i210AT (igb)
IBM System x3550 M3 Intel L5630 4×2 2.13 Gigabit Intel 82580 (igb)


Server Connected to
Description Usage Hostname Interface MAC IP (/24) Switch Port VLAN
Dell PowerEdge R630 DUT r630 IPMI 84:7b:eb:f6:03:5c Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/3 3
igb0 24:6e:96:5b:92:84 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/4 3
igb1 24:6e:96:5b:92:85 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/16 3
ix0 24:6e:96:5b:92:80 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/13 2
ix1 24:6e:96:5b:92:82 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/12 2
cxl0 00:07:43:2f:fe:b0 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/15 2
vcxl0 00:07:43:2f:fe:b2
cxl1 00:07:43:2f:fe:b8 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/14 2
vcxl1 00:07:43:2f:fe:ba
mlxen0 ec:0d:9a:21:aa:10 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/17 2
mlxen1 ec:0d:9a:21:aa:11 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/16 2
mce0 ec:0d:9a:9c:7a:e6 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/18 2
mce1 ec:0d:9a:9c:7a:e7 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/19 2
uart1 115200 bastion /dev/cuaU4
HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 DUT HP IPMI fc:15:b4:1b:5b:b6 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/11 3
igb0 38:ea:a7:38:4d:74
igb1 38:ea:a7:38:4d:75 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/23 3
oce0 e8:39:35:c4:0f:c8 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/3 2
oce1 e8:39:35:c4:0f:cc Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/2 2
cxl0 00:07:43:2e:e4:70 198:18.0.110 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/0 2
vcxl0 00:07:43:2e:e4:71
cxl1 00:07:43:2e:e4:78 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/1 2
vcxl1 00:07:43:2e:e4:79
SuperMicro 5018A-FTN4 DUT SM1 IPMI 00:25:90:f1:b1:18 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/14 3
igb0 00:25:90:f1:58:ee Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/19 3
igb1 00:25:90:f1:58:ef Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/30 2
igb2 00:25:90:f1:58:f0 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/21 2
cxl0 00:07:43:2e:e5:90 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/6 2
vcxl0 00:07:43:2e:e5:91
cxl1 00:07:43:2e:e5:98 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/7 2
vcxl1 00:07:43:2e:e5:99
uart0 115200 bastion /dev/cuau5
SuperMicro 5018A-FTN4 DUT SM2 IPMI 0c:c4:7a:de:44:81 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/2 3
igb0 0c:c4:7a:da:3c:10 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/1 3
igb1 0c:c4:7a:da:3c:11 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/14 2
igb2 0c:c4:7a:da:3c:12 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/13 2
ix0 90:e2:ba:84:20:38 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/4 2
ix1 90:e2:ba:84:20:39 Juniper-QFX xe-0/0/5 2
uart0 115200 bastion /dev/cuau8
Netgate RCC-VE 4860 DUT netgate igb5 00:08:a2:09:33:dd Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/7 3
igb2 00:08:a2:09:33:da Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/31 2
igb3 00:08:a2:09:33:db Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/32 2
uart1 115200 bastion /dev/cuaU0
PC Engines APU2 DUT APU2 igb0 00:0d:b9:41:ca:3c Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/08 3
igb1 00:0d:b9:41:ca:3d Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/33 2
igb2 00:0d:b9:41:ca:3e Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/34 2
IBM x3550-M3 pkt-gen IBM3 bce0 5cf3.fcdd.a4c1 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/6 3
igb2 00:1b:21:c4:95:7a Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/17 2
igb3 00:1b:21:c4:95:7b Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/18 2
PowerEdge M630 dev Lame4 bxe3 00:0e:1e:77:7d:12 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/35 3
PowerEdge M630 dev Lame5 bxe3 14:9e:cf:17:ad:50 Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/38 3
PC Engines APU1 Management bastion re0 00:0d:b9:3c:a0:cc Internet Access
re1 00:0d:b9:3c:a0:ce Catalyst-3750 Gi1/0/9 3

VLANs definition:

  • 3: management
  • 2: benches

Devices access

Once logged into the management server (bastion), you can access the devices by


Simply type:

ssh root@HOSTNAME

Console or IPMI

device hostname command type
hp tip hp serial
apu2 tip apu serial
netgate tip netgate serial
Catalyst-3750 tip switch serial

Usage example

Objective: Start a traffic flow arccos the “netgate” device using “ibm3” as packet source&receiver:

  1. Open a tmux with 3 windows
  2. On the first window, ssh to ibm3 and start packet receiver
    ssh root@ibm3
    pkt-gen -N -f rx -i igb3 -w 4
  3. On the second window, ssh into ibm3 and start a packet generator
    ssh root@ibm3
    pkt-gen -N -f tx -w 4 -i igb2 -n 300000000 -l 60 -4 -U -S 00:1b:21:c4:95:7a -s -D 00:08:a2:09:33:da -d
  4. On the third window, ssh or connect to console of netgate for checking throughput
    ssh root@netgate
    netstat -ihw 1
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