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Downloads section: BSD Router Project images/firmwares and system integrity reference files Refer to the Filename convention for choosing the disk image corresponding to your needs.

Theses images were create for:

  • arch: x86_64(amd64)
  • console: vga/keyboard or serial (115200 baud, 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit)
  • a minimum 2GB media (flash device, usb key, hard drive, etc.)

Stable releases

Full images (new install)

i386 releases are available for old installation upgrade and didn't include all 10gigabits (or more) NIC drivers, and were not tested.

Refer to the Installation guide for installing theses images.

Looking for Virtual Machine images ?

Just download a full image (it's a RAW disk file) and use it with our hypervisor: Check How to build a BSDRP router lab for more information.

Upgrade Images

mtree files (system integrity check)

You can check your BSDRP system integrity using these references files by downloading the corresponding file into your router and using “system integrity” command.

More information on System integrity check chapter on the user guide

Debug (symbol) files

In case of kernel panic and core dump, this debug file can be use for troubleshooting.

Nightly Build

BSDRP Nightly builds are work-in-progress and are not fully tested.

Current (head) branch

BSDRP Current builds are based on FreeBSD -current (working release).

They are not tested and their purpose is to do regression tests on the -current FreeBSD code:

They combine the BSDRP bugs plus FreeBSD -current “bugs and great features” (improved network speed, etc…).

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