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BSD Router Project features list


  • 2GB USB key/Compact flash media,
  • 1Go of RAM (512MB are enough for virtualized tests)
  • processors: x86 (64 bits preferred)
  • consoles: standard vga/keyboard or headless (serial)

Base System

  • Base OS: Embedded FreeBSD 12-STABLE using NanoBSD
  • Easy upgrade process using two system partitions

Routing features

  • All routing protocol supported by FRRouting: BGP, RIP and RIPng (IPv6), OSPF v2 and OSFP v3 (IPv6), ISIS
  • All routing protocol supported by Bird: BGP, RIP and RIPng (IPv6), OSPF v2 and OSFP v3 (IPv6)
  • Multicast: DVMRP, PIM Dense Mode, PIM Sparse Mode and static
  • Multiple FIB: 16 Routing Tables available
  • High availability with CARP (support also load balancing the incoming connections) and VRRP.
  • Multi-link PPP: PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP, etc…
  • VPN: GRE, GIF, IPSec (IKEv1 and IKEv2 with strongswan) and OpenVPN
  • IPv6: native 6to4 tunnels, stateless and stateful NAT64 with IPFW and Tayga for NAT64


  • Traffic shaper with IPFW+dummynet supporting: FIFO, WF2Q+, RR (Deficit Round Robin), QFQ
  • Committed Access Rate with netgraph: Single rate three color marker (RFC 2697), two rate three color marker (RFC 2698), RED-like, Traffic shaping with RED

Ethernet features

  • 802.1q vlan tagging
  • link aggregation and link failover interface
  • bridging with support of Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1w)

Network services

  • DHCP Relay
  • DHCP Server



Command Line

  • local console, serial and SSH access
  • Command completion with somes BSDRP tools: config, system, show and upgrade

Automation tools

  • All automation tools using python like Ansible



  • mtree reference files available for system integrity check (sha256)

Extra tools


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